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About TheFlow.fm

Music awakens emotions within us. Each of us can assign songs to specific events. TheFlow.fm retrieves these events in the memory - no matter whether they were negative or positive.
The first party, the first great love, but also the first separation - every one of us has gone through such experiences and can connect them with certain pieces of music.
The new music format "Music of your Life" brings back memories - with songs that a person have met during his/her life. It focuses mainly on music, you no longer hear on the radio. In the final stage, the playlist will consist of more than 5,000 songs.
Active people in the middle of life are the core target group.
The musical spectrum ranges from the 1960s until today. Contemporary artists like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars will be played together with stars who have accompanied in the course of life - like The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna or Coldplay.
Responsible for the music programming and the program is Michael Fuhr. The media trade journalist and music fan has already been responsible for the music programming and also worked as a music editor, speaker and jock for local German and Italian (South Tyrolian) radiostations .
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